Can Women take Tongkat Ali?
YES unless pregnant or breastfeeding. The dosage recommendation for women is to take about half as much as men.

What is the difference between 1:200 extract and other extracts?
1:200 is considered the strongest form of extract currently available. 1:50 is the regular strength extract. 1:100 is in between the 2 strengths. Anything below 1:50 in our opinion, is not worth taking as it will likely contain a lot of cellulose and other pointless constituents.

How long does it take for Tongkat Ali to work?
This is not possible to answer as it varies from person to person. Some people may feel an effect in as little as 3 days, others may need a few weeks, and there will also be people who never see any effect at all, because as with ALL herbal products and even all man made prescription drugs, and even pro hormones, there is no guarantee they will have any noticeable effect upon an individual. What works for one may not work for another. This is a fact you should be aware of as no returns are accepted should this be the case.

I have ED and have heard that Tongkat Ali can cure this, is it true?
NO! Tongkat ali and Viagra are not similar at all in any way, shape or form and Tongkat Ali is NOT going to help anybody with ED. It may act as an aphrodisiac, which may raise libido, but unless your ED is caused by lack of libido an aphrodisiac will do nothing for you.

How old should I be before taking Tongkat Ali?
You should NOT take Tongkat Ali if you are below the age of 18. If you are between 18 and 30 then you will likely not see much of an effect from any testosterone boosting supplement as your test levels are likely already normal, and if they are not normal, you should see a doctor before trying a herb.

Is There Any Other Substances In TKA 1:200?
We occasionally get asked if the Tongkat Ali we sell contains anything besides Tongkat Ali Extract, TKA 1:200 is 100% pure Tongkat Ali contained within gelatine safe capsules. We do not have TKA 1:200 lab tested personally but the source supplier for TKA 1:200 has an untarnished reputation for quality and is currently the longest established and most trusted producer shipping out of Indonesia. We have been dealing with Tongkat Ali for several years and handled many brand products such as SD 200, Sumatra Pasak Bumi and M.D.A Supplement.

We know Tongkat Ali Extract inside out, we know what it looks like, tastes like, feels like, its texture, colour and density. If we had even the slightest suspicion of any impurity in the products we sell, we would contact the manufacturer immediately and state this VERY clearly on our website as something as innocent as a seed or peanut crumb can be fatal to some and this is clearly understood by us. If your still concerned by something you have read of heard visit our News page for further information.

Tongkat Ali Root Extract A Pharmaceutical Product?
Every now and then we receive an email asking if Tongkat Ali is a medicine/pharmaceutical product or does it contain any type of pharmaceutical drugs. Tongkat Ali root extract is a herbal dietary supplement, NOT a pharmaceutical product nor does our Tongkat Ali contain drugs of any nature pharmaceutical or otherwise.

All the products you will find for sale on our website are Non-Pharmaceutical nor classed as Medicine products.

Is It Safe To Mix 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract Into A Protein Shake?
We often get asked if it is safe to remove the 1:200 Tongkat Ali Extract from the capsules and consume the contents in a protein shake. The answer is yes the contents of the capsules are safe to consume raw although 1:200 Tongkat Ali is extremely bitter tasting and has a strong smell.

What dosage should I take?
For best results using Tongkat Ali while bodybuilding it is recommended that you follow the manufactures directions and take your Tongkat Ali extract four capsules per day, as evenly spread throughout the day as possible, for example one capsule before breakfast, one before lunch, the third capsule before an evening meal and the forth capsule before you go to bed.

A six to eight week cycle is what most bodybuilders typically run with a break period lasting around 40% of your on cycle time, for example if you ran an eight week cycle you would want to take a break of no less than three and a half weeks. If you are using Tongkat Ali to increase your sex drive as many people do, a shorter cycle period is often used.

Some Tongkat Ali users have been known to cycle five days on, two days off as they only wish to increase their testosterone levels slightly but stay on the Tongkat Ali for extended periods of time, again five days on two days off meets the recommended 40% off cycle time.

*PLEASE NOTE: The above information is taken from manufactures packaging and usage information, it is not that of a doctor, qualified personal trainer, therapist, dietician or nutritionist. If you are prone to illness or allergies please consult a doctor before taking dietary supplements of any kind. Never exceed the dosage stated by the manufacturer.

What are the capsules made from?

Inside Each Bottle

Each bottle of Tongkat contains 60 x 400mg capsules 1:200 Indonesian Tongkat Ali Root Extract.

Vegetable Capsule Shell