The Positve Effects of tongkat Ali on High Blood Preassure

The Positve Effects of tongkat Ali on High Blood Preassure

My wife and I both have high blood preassure. We have been taking tongkat for some time now. Now it should be noted that my wife has kidney disease and this drives up her blood preassure. She started taking tongkat and measured her bp often. It was absolutely amazing. Her blood preassure came down to 118 over 76 and remained consistenty normal range. This is ideal. It should also be noted here that we did not stop her bloop preassure medication. Then I said ok let's stop taking the tongkat and perform a test. So she stopped the tongkat and in a matter of 2 days her bp was up over 166 again. Then she went to the doctor to let him know. He of course increased her bp medication by adding an additional medication. She began to take it and the side affects were terrible. It made her arm feel tingly and she did not feel well. 

We went back to the Tongkat after two days of her being on the doctor rereommended addition medication. Yes we stopped the new medication. Amazingly, her bp came right back down with no noticeable side affects. We were elated. So I am taking that as a sign that it s helping her kidneys and bringing down her bp. AMAZING! 

It should be noted here that I am not a doctor and am not recommening anyone to stop their high blood preassure medication. I am so amazed at all the different medicinal purposes that this natural product has. Please go ahead and try a bottle. Stick with it and you may be surprised by the results. I know my wife and I certainly am for her and the affects on me have been similar. Men you know that when our blood preassure is low amazing things start to happen.


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